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The Virtue of the Brush in a Time of Chaos - When the Plague Arrives Documentary

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We are delighted to present the original calligraphy painting “When things are chaotic to the extreme, order must be restored ” by renowned calligrapher Liu Xitong. 

As fate or fortune would have it, word of mouth brought calligrapher Liu Xitong to the attention of NTD documentary producers at just the right moment. He became part of "When the Plague Arrives" - a film that seeks to capture humanity’s crossroads in the turbulent times of the pandemic. This is Liu's first major work since the Chinese dissident fled persecution to come to the United States. 

In the film, Liu paints the quote, “When things are chaotic to the extreme, order must be restored,” taken from the classic Chinese texts “Four Books” where Zhu Xi translated the “Analects of Confucius.”


May 12, 2021

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