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Pure Beauty:Birds of the Air, Grass of the Field - NTD Figure Painting Competition【中文字幕】

《Birds of the Air, Grass of the Field》(48 x 36 in)

By  Lauren Tilden

Bronze Award

You can almost hear the gentle breeze pass through the grass, rustling the weeds and Queen Anne's lace just enough so that everything sways together in a soft lullaby. The little sparrows are undisturbed, as is the little girl without a worry in the world. Maybe she lay down to enjoy the nature or the weather, and drifted off into a nap under that warm, transparent light that plays across her cheeks and her bare feet. 

The pure innocence of the scene is a revelation.

The artist began the work during her personal health crisis. Faced with her own mortality and extreme worry, she grappled with her faith. Over the course of the year, she decided that no matter the outcome, she was trusting God.

While contemplating the value of human life, and how precious it is, the artist's own young daughter became her stand-in, her persona in the painting.

Children and their innocence remind us of the fragility of life, she said. We have all been children, but our lives are still just as fragile. And yes perhaps there is sadness in this, but there is also joy.


May 12, 2021

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